Over the past 5 decades, Teshmont has provided engineering services on some of the world's largest high voltage AC and high voltage DC (HVDC) systems in existence and served more than 300 clients in over 40 countries around the world. In the 1970s the firm was involved in developing the first blueprints for power system development in India. In the 1980s to '90s, they helped China plan and develop their national power system, which included the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydropower station. Teshmont was also heavily involved in supporting the Itaipu Dam in Brazil, named a Wonder of the Modern World.

"Wherever Teshmont goes, monuments to progress remain," says Ralph Kurth, President. "Our staff in Winnipeg and Calgary possess almost a thousand years of collective experience in power transmission system study, design, engineering and development. Teshmont engineers and technologists are the best in our industry."

Recently, Teshmont was selected from among 200 Canadian employers to receive the AON 2017 Small and Medium-Sized Best Employers in Canada. Winners are selected based on criteria that include employee engagement, leadership, performance culture and employment brand.

"This is a huge achievement and a testament to each one of our employees," says Robyn Koropatnick, VP of Business Development. "We are proud to be an ethnically and culturally rich firm, with women and men from all over the world. When people come to work with us, they tend to stay. We have a number of staff who have been with us for 20, 30, 40 years."

What's next for Teshmont? Ralph Kurth says that, in the race for energy sustainability, Teshmont is positioned to be one of the most impactful companies on the planet.

"Green energy is being phased in and the existing transmission networks are not designed for this new era of generation resources," Ralph Kurth says. "Today, we're helping the world reduce its carbon footprint by helping in the delivery of green, renewable power from hydroelectric dams, solar farms, wind farms and who knows what else in the future – to the people who need it to sustain their lives and the environment that sustains us all."

Teshmont specializes in providing engineering services for HVAC and HVDC power transmission systems. Our engineers and technologists provide a wide range of services, from assistance with specialized studies, to complete project design and implementation support. We are recognized worldwide for our HVDC expertise and have designed and managed the installation of transmission systems from northern Canada to the Middle East.

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