Please stop by the Teshmont Booth (#39), attend one of our presentations, and meet with one of Teshmont's transmission experts at the conference!

  • Robert (Rob) Baker, PEng - Vice President Calgary
    Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Workshop, October 15, 08:00 (session start time)
  • Rick Valiquette, PEng - Vice President Winnipeg
    CIGRE Canada Subcommittee B4 “HVDC and Power Electronics” representative, CIGRE Canada Study Committee Reports, October 17, 09:30
  • Robyn Koropatnick, PEng, PMP - Vice President, Business Development
    CIGRE Canada Women in Engineering (WIE) representative, CIGRE Canada WIE “Diversity in the Workplace” Panel Session moderator, October 16, 12:00
  • David King, PEng - Senior Project Manager
    T2.05 - Abstract #53, Future Challenges for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Utility Distribution Systems, October 16, 15:00
  • Dr. Ashraf Haque, PEng - Supervising Engineer
    W2.06 - Abstract #21, A Guideline to Develop Low Frequency Dynamic Model Equivalents in Today’s Emerging Grids, October 17, 11:00
  • Nick Kamenev, PEng, MScEE - Project Engineer
    W2.03 - Abstract #19, Bridging the Gap - HVDC Overlay Grid, Canada’s Equalization Formula and Provincial Carbon Emissions, October 17, 09:30
  • Dr. Soroush Shafiee, EIT – Engineer-In-Training
    T3.04 - Abstract #52, A Practical Application of Probabilistic Asset Management Approach for Ageing Infrastructure Replacement and Investment Analysis, October 16, 15:00
  • Jaryn Vaile, EIT – Engineer-In-Training
    Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) Workshop, October 15, 08:00

We will also be attending events and networking throughout the conference.

If you will be in Calgary at this time and would like to meet up, please contact:

Robyn Koropatnick, PEng PMP
Vice President, Business Development
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
204-284-8100 ext. 1234