Technical Leadership

Many of our specialists possess advanced engineering degrees, including M.Sc.’s and Ph.D.’s, enabling us to bring an unprecedented depth of knowledge, experience and flexibility to the projects we have the privilege of working on.

Our personnel are involved with international organizations, including the IEEE, CIGRE, EPRI, and more, and provide significant contributions to the advancement of our field through their efforts on technical committees and working groups. We publish numerous technical papers, white papers and publications, and have provided training courses on a variety of topics.

We work closely with major equipment manufacturers and are up to date with leading-edge engineering technology and market trends.

Our technical specialists consistently bring new ideas to the industry through our research and development work. They are adept at translating these findings into meaningful and useful terms and practices, so that our clients benefit from their specialized insights. Our innovative in-house team develops proprietary software and models where they do not currently exist, and have developed special-purpose software for our clients. Some of our in-house developed programs include:

AC Filter Studies

  • AC-SHAP - AC Side Harmonic Current Program
  • FIPER - AC Filter Performance Program
  • FIRAT - AC Filter Rating Program

DC Filter Studies

  • DC SHAP - DC Side Harmonic Voltage Program
  • VIP - Transmission Line Voltage Current Profile Program

HVDC Electrode Analysis Program

  • GRELEC - Three Dimensional Ground Electrode Program
  • GRELIP - Ground Electrode Interference Program with Multi-Layer Earth

Network Harmonic Impedance, Subsynchronous Resonance Studies

  • NIMSCAN - Network Impedance Scanning Program
  • NIMSTAP - Network Impedance Statistical Analysis Program
  • SSRSCAN - Subsynchronous Resonance Scanning Program

Reliability Analysis

  • LOLP - Loss of Load Probability Analysis Programs
  • RELIAB - Reliability Assessment Program
Technical Leadership