Salt River Project Price Road Corridor Transmission System Expansion Project

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Salt River Project (SRP), one of Arizona’s largest utilities, engaged Teshmont to perform a study to determine what was needed for the Salt River Project to continue serving the customers in the Price Road Corridor (PRC) and surrounding areas with adequate supply reliability.

Teshmont’s primary objective was to provide the SRP with a system upgrade plan to meet the future demand and required planning criteria for all of the listed identified scenarios and alternatives.

The study provided solutions for sixteen different alternative and scenario combinations. Each study combination was required to meet peak (N-1) and off-peak (N-1-1/maintenance conditions) planning criteria, and high fault levels associated with the area were to be kept in control throughout the planned upgrades. Teshmont performed power flow contingency analysis, transient stability analysis, and fault level analysis.

In the end, Teshmont’s recommendations were approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), and the project was completed on a tight schedule, under the fixed price budget.

At a Glance:

Client: Salt River Project
Country: USA
Geographical Region: North America