Nalcor Energy Probabilistic Asset Management (PAM) Studies

Nalcor Energy Probabilistic Asset Management PAM Studies

Teshmont performed a probabilistic based reliability analysis study to evaluate the impact of two new HVDC systems and the retirement of aging generating units on Newfoundland and Labrador electrical system.

Teshmont developed an optimal asset management plan that addressed transmission system reliability that integrated both the management of aging assets and system expansion development plans.

Statistical reliability calculations were performed utilizing power transmission system planning software and included the following assessment levels:

  • Substation Level: Detailed breaker-node modeling enabled probabilistic availability assessment for the configuration of the substation, and highlighted the impact of each individual component.
  • System Level: Probabilistic based contingency analyses evaluated the impact of a specific substation or power system, and the availability of supplied energy to end customers.

Together, these two assessment levels provided a probabilistic reliability analysis with hands-on deterministic reliability in terms of identifying Expected Unserved Energy (EUE) in MWh, which played a major role in cost-benefit assessment.

The results showed improvement in the amount of EUE when the HVDC links are in-service and the aging generation is retired.

Teshmont specialises in the development of probabilistic based reliability analyses that are created to provide a holistic asset management plan based on system reliability, quantified in terms of costs and benefits. Integration of system expansion plans, and consideration of equipment and infrastructure aging are also included in the analyses.

Teshmont was awarded the 2016 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) Manitoba “Award of Excellence” in the Small Projects category for our work on this project. An Award of Excellence is the highest award possible within a category, and recognizes outstanding achievement in consulting engineering.

At a Glance:

Client: Nalcor
Country: Canada
Geographical Region: North America