Manitoba Hydro Riel Harmonic Impedance Studies

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Manitoba Hydro required a method for the specification of the Nelson River Bipole III AC harmonic filters and AC system harmonic impedances at the new southern HVDC converter station, Riel. It was recognized that the filter design at Riel would not only be impacted by its own Bipole III converter harmonic current injection, but also by the following:

  • The harmonic current injections from the Bipole I and II converters at the existing southern HVDC converter station in Manitoba, Dorsey
  • The many possible combinations of ac filters and synchronous condensers at Dorsey
  • Possible variations of transmission configuration between Dorsey and Riel as the AC system evolves and as the AC system changes resulting from maintenance and/or contingencies
  • The synchronous condensers at Riel

The objective of this investigation was to establish a method for specifying the performance and rating of the AC filters at Riel, considering the impact of Dorsey and AC system configuration on the Riel filters, ensuring that the Dorsey filtering performance and rating was not significantly affected.

At a Glance:

Client: Manitoba Hydro
Country: Canada
Geographical Region: North America