Alberta Generation Connection Services

Alberta Generation Connection Services

The Alberta market structure for power is changing. Further, coal generation is being replaced with more environmentally friendly energy sources.

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is responsible for granting new projects access to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES). As such, the AESO utilizes a six stage gated connection process to facilitate this obligation.

Teshmont’s team has vast transmission system experience in the province of Alberta. We have performed numerous connection studies for multiple confidential clients, and have provided cutting edge solutions to obtain access to the AIES in challenging, congested and competitive areas of the province.

In addition to possessing experience with the AESO connection process, as outlined below, Teshmont offers feasibility support to our clients.

  • Stage 0: System Access Service Request, Section 101 waiver, and acting as Integrated Project Manager
  • Stage 1: Connection Study Scope and Connection Plan
  • Stage 2: Connection Studies and Connection Proposal
  • Stage 3: Need Identification Document and Facility Application
  • Stage 4: Application Filings and AUC Approval
  • Stage 5: Construct and Prepare to Energize
  • Stage 6: Energize, Commission and Close

By using Teshmont’s experienced team, clients can be assured of in-depth knowledge of the AESO connection process; smooth, timely and cost effective progress through the AESO connection process; innovative and effective solutions to project challenges; and, high-quality service from an unparalleled study team rich in industry and research experience.

At a Glance:

Client: Multiple confidential clients
Country: Canada
Geographical Region: North America