Great River Energy CU HVDC Upgrade

Great River Energy CU HVDC Upgrade

The Great River Energy (GRE) CU HVDC system was commissioned in 1978 to transfer the output of the Coal Creek station generating units in North Dakota into Great River Energy’s electrical system at Dickinson Substation near the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, a distance of 700 km.

Due to the age of the system, GRE undertook a feasibility study to assess either replacement of the valves and controls or a full greenfield replacement. Ultimately, the valve and control replacement alternative was selected.

Teshmont has performed the following activities for this project to date:

  • Preparing a valve and control replacement technical specification and tender document package.
  • Preparing a Request for Information that was issued to the major HVDC equipment suppliers for a greenfield replacement option, and developing budgetary cost estimates.
  • Participating in pre-bid meetings and site visits with potential bidders.
  • Responding to clarification questions on behalf of GRE during tender development.
  • Performing technical evaluation of tenders and providing contract negotiation assistance, from a technical perspective.
  • Performing design reviews.

Teshmont is continuing to provide GRE with Owner’s Engineer services, until the refurbishment project has been commissioned. This will ultimately include providing commissioning assistance at site.

Once complete, the CU HVDC system upgrade will result in an overall improvement in grid reliability and availability for consumers in the region.

At a Glance:

Client: Great River Energy (GRE)
Country: USA
Geographical Region: North America