Black & Veatch Intermountain Power Authority (IPA) Intermountain Power Project (IPP) Repowering

Black Veatch Intermountain Power Authority IPA Intermountain Power Project IPP Repowering

Teshmont is providing specialist HVDC engineering consulting services for the HVDC converter stations associated with Intermountain Power Project (IPP) Repowering Project. Teshmont is acting as a subconsultant to Black & Veatch, who have been retained by the Intermountain Power Authority (IPA) to replace the existing 1800 MW coal-fired generation with gas-fired generation and to upgrade or replace the existing 2400 MW HVDC transmission link.

Teshmont has a long history with the IPP HVDC transmission system. The IPP was initially planned to transmit up to 4800 MW from a coal-fired generating plant in Utah to load centers near Los Angeles, California. The transmission line is approximately 780 km in length. It was subsequently decided to build one only bipole with a rating of ±500 kV, 1600 MW, with overload capacity. In 1983, Teshmont was retained by the IPA to carry out detailed systems engineering, prepare the technical specifications, and to provide assistance with the tender evaluation on the IPP. When it was decided to build one bipole with a rating of ±500 kV, 1600 MW, Teshmont assisted with the preparation of the converter specification. From 2007 to 2009, Teshmont worked with the LADWP on the IPP, Southern Transmission System Upgrade. This project was to upgrade the IPP from 1600 MW to 2400 MW. Teshmont’s scope of work for the project included reviewing and analyzing the Contractors’ proposal on the Southern Transmission System (STS) upgrade, assisting LADWP with proposal evaluations, advising LADWP on HVDC and other technical issues, and supporting the development of the best-and-final RFP and proposal.

For the IPP Repowering Project, commencing in 2017 Teshmont will:

  • Develop design criteria for upgrading / modifying the existing HVDC converter equipment / station or design and construct a new converter station.
  • Perform the pre-specification HVDC transmission studies.
  • Develop an EPC HVDC technical specification.
  • Prepare interface / interconnection point drawings.
  • Prepare preliminary switchyard layout / arrangement drawings.

The project is a critical step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, maintaining the stability of the transmission system, and providing quick ramp rates that are essential for integration of renewable generation resources.

At a Glance:

Client: Intermountain Power Authority, as a subconsultant to Black & Veatch
Country: USA
Geographical Region: North America