Atlantic Grid Development (AGD) Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) Project

Atlantic Grid Development AGD Atlantic Wind Connection AWC Project

The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) Project is a proposed sub-sea HVDC backbone transmission system extending from northern New Jersey to southern Virginia. The purpose of the Project is threefold: to serve as an efficient collector of ac power from offshore wind farms; to relieve transmission congestion on the eastern ac grid; and to improve regional system reliability.

The AWC system will ultimately facilitate the connection of up to 7,000 MW of offshore wind generation along the eastern seaboard of the United States, enabling the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia and the regional transmission organization, PJM, to meet their renewable portfolio standard (RPS) goals.

Teshmont’s technical services to date have included performing system integration and equipment studies, developing conceptual designs, and providing technical environmental /regulatory process support. Teshmont worked with suppliers to assess available technology alternatives, multi-terminal operation and developed budgetary cost estimates for the high voltage cable and HVDC equipment.

The project is currently on-hold. As the project progresses, Teshmont’s role will include preparation of technical specifications for the HVDC equipment, the underground HVDC and AC cables, and the submarine HVDC cables; reviewing detailed designs for the converter equipment and cables; monitoring manufacturing and installation; and participating in system testing and commissioning.

At a Glance:

Client: Atlantic Grid Development (AGD)
Country: USA
Geographical Region: North America