50 Hertz Kriegers Flak HVDC Project

50 Hertz Kriegers Flak HVDC Project

50 Hertz, Germany and Energinet, Denmark awarded the Krieger Flak Combined Grid Solution 400 MW Back-to-Back Converter Project to an HVDC Contractor. 50 Hertz later retained Teshmont and Elia Grid International (EGI) to provide Owner’s Engineer services.

Teshmont has been providing Owner’s Engineer services on the detailed design and engineering phase of the project. EGI are based in Germany, and are providing Project Management and Coordination services.

As Owner’s Engineer, Teshmont’s main goal is to successfully manage the implementation of the project so as to attain commercial operation on schedule and within budget, while meeting quality and reliability requirements. Our objective in providing engineering services associated with the contract on behalf of 50 Hertz is to:

  • Confirm that the designs, materials, and equipment proposed for the project comply with the contract documents.
  • Confirm that the installation and commissioning of material and equipment complies with the contract documents.
  • Monitor progress of the work according to the schedule agreed to between 50 Hertz and the HVDC Contractor.
  • Achieve project completion within 50 Hertz’s budget and in accordance with the financial conditions and payments in the contract documents.

At a Glance:

Client: 50 Hertz
Country: Germany
Geographical Region: Europe