Manitoba Hydro Wuskwatim Transmission Stations Complex

Manitoba Hydro Wuskwatim Transmission Stations Complex

The Wuskwatim Generating Station is located on the Burntwood River, in the vicinity of Thompson, Manitoba and Nelson House, Manitoba.

Teshmont provided engineering services for the facility’s Transmission Stations Complex, which consists of two new transmission stations including gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and a static VAR generator, as well as modifications to four existing stations for the purpose of transmission of power from the new generating station.

Teshmont provided a wide range of engineering services to Manitoba Hydro. In addition to the traditional protection, control, metering, and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) at the existing stations, Teshmont put specialized station automation systems in place, reducing operational and maintenance costs and increasing overall plant productivity.

Teshmont provided value added engineering by understanding the unique engineering requirements within Manitoba Hydro’s organization, ensuring that the final product conformed to the needs of the project.

This project marked the first time a First Nation and an energy utility partnered to develop a major hydroelectric generating station in Canada.

At a Glance:

Client: Manitoba Hydro
Country: Canada
Geographical Region: North America