Manitoba Hydro Underground Residential Distribution Design Support

Manitoba Hydro Underground Residential Distribution Design Support

Teshmont has been providing Manitoba Hydro with transmission engineering consulting services for over 50 years. Our services evolved to include providing Manitoba Hydro with Underground Residential Distribution (URD) electric and gas facilities design support for select subdivision projects.

Teshmont's deliverables for each project typically include construction ready (engineer sealed) electric and gas drawings, bills of materials and labour estimates for electric and gas facilities, joint use summary sheets (JUSS), and environmental and safety checklists. All outputs are prepared in accordance with Manitoba Hydro’s internal drawing system (eGIS), estimating system (RUCES) and forms system (eForms).

In addition to the electric and gas design work, Teshmont also coordinates telephone and cable TV designs provided by those utilities. This coordination includes the location of the communications pedestals and vaults as well as the location of road crossings to be pre-installed by the Developer.

Teshmont is continuing to work with Manitoba Hydro to augment their internal resources, so that the electric and gas installation requirements for new subdivision projects in Winnipeg continue to be met without hindrance.

At a Glance:

Client: Manitoba Hydro
Country: Canada
Geographical Region: North America