Manitoba Hydro Generator Parameter Analysis and Reporting System (GPARS)

Manitoba Hydro Generator Parameter Analysis and Reporting System GPARS

Teshmont developed a web-based data management system for storage, processing and management of generator related information including test results, test data and models, commissioning reports, drawings, manuals, test procedures, maintenance procedures, manufacturer's information and historical data.

Teshmont developed an effective measurement and analysis program to verify the dynamic performance models of generators and synchronous condensers. This included preparation of test procedures, supervision of field tests, and development of optimization software for analysis of test data and results.

In the end, Teshmont provided Manitoba Hydro with the ability to automatically produce appropriate NERC/MAPP reports. The knowledge gained by our staff allowed us to supplement Manitoba Hydro staff when carrying out measurements, and to offer similar services to generator owners outside of Manitoba.

At a Glance:

Client: Manitoba Hydro
Country: Canada
Geographical Region: North America