Our History - Teshmont: Leaders in Power Delivery Engineering

Our History

Teshmont was established in 1966 when Templeton, Shawinigan, and Montreal Engineering pooled their expertise to form a company specifically for Bipole I of the Nelson River Transmission System, which transmits power from the Nelson River in northern Manitoba to the load center in Winnipeg, some 900 km away.

Over the years, Teshmont has performed system studies, developed specifications and designs, and assisted with commissioning projects. The systems have ranged in voltages up to 765 kV ac and 600 kV dc. We have provided services to clients around the world, and have worked on some of the largest HVDC projects, including the Itaipu project in Brazil and the Three Gorges project in China. It is this vast experience that makes Teshmont a true world leader in high voltage power transmission engineering.

Today, from our offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta in Canada, we continue to provide quality services to the world of electrical power transmission.