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Power System Studies

A Crucial Step in a Successful Project

A Rapidly Changing Environment

With advances in high voltage power transmission technology and the need to choose between integration or replacement of power transmission systems, making informed decisions can be difficult without the proper expertise on your project team.

Experts Providing Expert Advice

Teshmont will ensure that decisions that you make for your project are based on consideration of available data related to important aspects of your project, as determined by our knowledgeable and capable team of experts.

An Impressive Portfolio of International Projects

Teshmont has carried out studies on major transmission networks around the world, and as a result are familiar with the details of many power transmission systems including those in Canada and the United States. Our work has also been used as the basis for national transmission development programs in countries like China and India. We can select from a variety of commonly used tools, including the BPA Loadflow and Stability, PSLF, ASPEN, and PSS/E to optimize the accuracy of your system or equipment study and to make the findings more useful. Teshmont also utilizes software tools developed in-house to perform studies.

The type of studies that Teshmont performs include:

    • Power Flow
    • Short Circuit
    • Transient Stability
    • Load Shedding
    • Governor Response
    • Insulation Coordination
    • Voltage Stability
    • Small Signal Stability
    • Islanding and Remedial actions
    • Reliability
    • Subsynchronous Resonance
    • AC Filter Performance and Ratings
    • DC Filter Performance and Ratings
    • Electromagnetic Transient Analysis, EMTP, EMTDC
    • Electrode Design and Interference effects
    • Electrical Effects

Begin a Power System Study with Teshmont

To talk with one of our Power System Study experts for your project, contact us.

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