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Case Study

Wuskwatim Transmission Stations Complex Project


Teshmont provided engineering services for Manitoba Hydro’s Wuskwatim Transmission Stations Complex, which consists of two new transmission stations including a gas insulated switching station and a static var generator; and modifications to four existing stations for the purpose of transmission of power from the new Generating Station.


Teshmont provided engineering services to Manitoba Hydro, which included:

  • Station layout (including structures and foundations)
  • Station buildings including building auxiliaries (fire systems, HVAC, ac and dc systems)
  • Station automation systems (SAS) at the new stations
  • Traditional protection, control, metering, and SCADA at the existing stations
  • Gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
  • Grounding
  • Static var compensator (SVC)

Teshmont reviewed the following engineering documentation for each of the following areas:

  • Design concepts and overviews
  • Engineering studies and technical reports
  • Engineering drawings
  • Test results
  • SAS software
  • Station operating and maintenance manuals
  • Inspection and test plans

Teshmont provided value added engineering by understanding the unique engineering requirements within Manitoba Hydro’s organization, ensuring that the supplier’s engineering documentation content conformed with the design intent and Manitoba Hydro’s standards and specifications.

Case Study Category: Engineering Design
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