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Case Study

NB Power 345 kV Intertie Transmission Line 3016


NB Power is the primary electric utility provider in the province of New Brunswick. It plans to construct, operate, and maintain the Canadian portion of the proposed 345 kV Intertie Transmission Line 3016.

The line extends 95 km from the Point Lepreau Generating Station to the Canadian/United States border crossing near Woodland, Maine. The new line will continue another 140 km from Woodland to an existing high voltage substation in Orrington, Maine.

Teshmont completed a preliminary design along with cost estimates in an effort to determine the type of transmission line that would offer the best combination of reliability and cost. A few years later, Teshmont was retained to review the transmission line design and provide civil and structural engineering services for the transmission line design.


To create a reliable, cost-effective transmission line, Teshmont undertook the following engineering services for NB Power:

  • Reviewing proposed transmission line designs
  • Revising and finalizing the PLS-CADD file. This included the verification of conductor to ground clearances and adjustments to structure height as required.
  • Preparing technical specifications
  • Selecting weather loads
  • Finalizing structure geometry and galloping analysis
  • Developing loading trees and recommendations for skywire load reduction devices
  • Developing direct embedment designs
  • Developing guy anchor designs
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