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Case Study

Egypt-Jordan Interconnection


The Egypt - Jordan Interconnection consists of a 500 kV ac transmission line crossing of the Suez Canal and across the Sinai Peninsula, a 500/400 kV substation at Taba in Egypt, a 400 kV submarine cable across the Gulf of Aqaba, and a short 400 kV transmission line and a substation at the Aqaba Thermal Power Station.

The interconnection was designed for 400 kV ac operation up to approximately 550 MW.  However, the Gulf of Aqaba submarine cables were also designed for ±400 kV dc operation in the future, which would allow for an increase in transfer capacity of the cables to 2,000 MW. The maximum depth of the Gulf of Aqaba submarine cable crossing is 850 meters, and it was the deepest EHV power cable application in the world at that time.

The crossing of the Suez Canal was also very challenging due to the significant clearance requirements above the canal. The transmission towers are over 220 m high, placing them amongst the tallest of their kind in the world.


Various alternatives were reviewed for crossing the Suez Canal, which had to account for possible future widening and deepening of the canal. The alternatives included locating the 500 kV ac cables in an existing road tunnel, directional drilling across the canal and pulling cables through ducts, and crossing using an overhead transmission line. Ultimately, the double circuit 500 kV transmission line alternative was selected.

Although most of the engineering services were carried out at Teshmont’s Winnipeg office, a Teshmont engineer was situated in Amman, Jordan for more than three years to help carry out the work the project required.

Teshmont performed the following services for this project:

  • Studying and analyzing the interconnected networks

  • Reviewing the specifications for the submarine cable crossing of the Gulf of Aqaba

  • Inspecting cable manufacturing and cable terminal stations

  • Reviewing alternatives for crossing the Suez Canal and the transmission line crossing of the Suez Canal

  • Preparation of specifications for the Aqaba 400 kV gas insulated substation (GIS) including reviewing the contractor’s design, monitoring the installation of submarine cables, and project management.
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