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Case Study

Alberta Electric System Operator Loss Factors


An important part of the de-regulated market in Alberta is the allocation of financial costs due to transmission losses. 


Teshmont developed a loss factor methodology and set of tools, which are used by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), to calculate the losses and allocate the associated costs. The resulting methodology has a major economic impact on the energy market participants, and provides an additional signal and incentive to reduce system inefficiencies. 

Teshmont reviewed and tested a number of alternatives and then recommended a methodology for determining loss factors to be assigned to generators connected to the Alberta Integrated Electric System (AIES).

After establishing a methodology, Teshmont developed a production software tool for the new loss factor methodology. A Graphical User Interface was developed in the coding language "Python", due to its ability to interact seamlessly with PSS/E. Teshmont has and continues to provide software technical support and software tool upgrades to the AESO as the methodology is revised and updated. 

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