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EHVAC Projects

Bakun-Sabah Interconnection
A proposed 500 kV EHVAC connection between a generating station in Bakun, Malaysia, to load centres in Sabah, Malaysia, presented a number of challenges.
Client: Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB) Region: Malaysia Categories: Power System Studies, EHVAC Projects
NB Power 345 kV Intertie Transmission Line 3016
NB Power is the primary electric utility provider in the province of New Brunswick. NB Power contracted Teshmont to work with them on the design of a 345 kV intertie transmission line between New Brunswick and New England.
Client: NB Power Region: Atlantic Canada Category: EHVAC Projects
Egypt-Jordan Interconnection
The interconnection of the electrical networks of Egypt and Jordan represent the first stage of the interconnection of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Turkey, and a subsequent grid loop around the Mediterranean.
Client: Egyptian Electrical Authority (EEA) and Jordan Electrical Authority (JEA) Region: Egypt and Jordan Category: EHVAC Projects
Itaipu Transmission System
Teshmont performed detailed system and design studies and prepared specifications for the Itaipu transmission system project. Teshmont also carried out a “state of the art” study, to establish the most appropriate technology to transmit the power. This was followed by a feasibility study of alternative transmission systems including 500 kV, 765 kV, and 1000 kV ac, as well as ±600 kV dc. A technical and cost study of ac and dc transmission showed that transmission at 765 kV ac was the optimum alternative.
Client: Eletrobras / Furnas Region: Brazil Categories: Power System Studies, HVDC Systems, EHVAC Projects