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  • treatWell - Frame #5

    1 - We Treat our Team Well

    At Teshmont, we understand that a happy team is the most important component of being successful. Considering that our portfolio includes many projects located internationally, Teshmont provides the opportunity to spend time working in places such as Europe, the Middle East, and even South America.

    In addition to these work related benefits, Teshmont also offers excellent health benefits, a subsidized fitness centre membership, profit sharing, and a company supported pension plan. And don't forget to ask us about our foosball table!

  • Family - Frame #4

    2 - We're a (Highly Skilled, Diverse) Team

    Being a Teshmont Engineer, not only do you benefit from the reputation of decades of successful transmission system engineering, you also have the advantage of being part of a team of some of the foremost experts in power transmission engineering in the world. Team members at Teshmont support each others' development, and enjoy a collaborative atmosphere that results in the highest quality finished products.

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    3 - Social Responsibility

    Teshmont's charitable policies support numerous causes financially, as well as provide the opportunity to Teshmont team members to participate in community events, the such as the Habitat for Humanity team build day. Build days are great for teambuilding!


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    4 - We Emphasize Personal Development

    Teshmont Team Members are focused on constantly improving our skills and abilities, something that is supported by Teshmont itself. Our broad range of projects means that work is diverse and always fresh, and provides many opportunities to expand personal and professional skills and abilities.

    In addition to the personal and professional development facilitated by daily responsibilities, Teshmont supports the continuing education of our Team Members by providing opportunities to attend knowledge courses and training sessions both at work and offsite. More junior team members have the opportunity to be mentored by Teshmont alumni, who often come back to pass on their knowledge to the next generations of Teshmont engineering experts.

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    5 - Our Projects Change the World

    Whether completing a study about the feasability of bringing Bosnia and Herzegovina back onto the Western European power grid or providing Owner's Engineer services for the next HVDC project to connect residents of Manitoba with abundant hydro power generation in northern Manitoba, Teshmont is involved in some of the most important high voltage power delivery projects on the planet. Having been involved in the implementation of approximately 50% of the world's installed capacity of HVDC transmission, Teshmont truly is a leader in Power Delivery Engineering.

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